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it’s been quiet lately since I’m writing my Bachelor thesis. But of course I still need some time to relax; slow and steady will win the race. So when I’m not doing lots of stuff for university I’m usually sleeping, playing The Witcher 3, reading or watching some show. Today’s suggestions focus will focus on reading, especially some great comic books I started reading recently.


Batgirl from The New 52 is a very great comic book series. I assume that you know Batman, the dark knight of Gotham, who fights crime without any superpowers, except money. Well, Batgirl is pretty much the same but without money, which makes it much more fun to read.

Batgirl’s real identity is Barbara Gordon, daughter of police commissioner Gordon. She became Batgirl as a teenager and helped Batman fighting crime. But one night the Joker, the most sadistic Batman villain there is, visited Barbara at home and shot her in the spine out of hate for the police commissioner. After that incidence she lost her ability to walk and Batgirl was no more.

Years later a miracle happened and due to a special operation she became able to walk again. Now Batgirl fights crime on her own. What’s so special about her is that she is a weak and broken superhero. She’s still traumatized by the Joker and has lost much of her power while being bound to a wheelchair. She can’t compete her villains with pure force, so she has to be intelligent to win against crime. And she is very intelligent. How else could you do ballistic calculations in you mind?

All in all Batgirl is a very great comic about a superhero without any super powers. It’s great because she feels human. I usually don’t like superheroes that much because their superpowers make things boring. Especially Superman comes to my mind, who doesn’t really have any weaknesses. You can’t identify with a super-strong, crime-fighting alien. You can on the other side identify with a normal girl who is pretty weak compared to other heroes but has a very strong identity.

Just read Batgirl already! Just do it!

Harley Quinn

There are superheroes who fight crime for a hobby and save innocent citizens. Then there are super villains who commit crimes and harm innocent citizens. The Joker I mentioned earlier is clearly one of latter since he kills people just for fun.

His former girlfriend Harley Quinn on the other side might still be considered sadistic but she’s much less extreme. Her comics from the New 52 series take play after the Joker left her. Harley, once known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, is a former Psychiatrist who wanted to know everything about the minds of criminals, so she became one herself and paired up with the Joker. After he left her she left Gotham and became landlord of her own 4-story building.

There isn’t much of a bigger story behind Harley but it’s the humour of this comic that always gets me. For example in the first book she decides to free all the animals of an animal shelter who would otherwise be executed. She takes all those animals home where poison ivy creates a beautiful indoor garden for them. To get rid of all the animal poop Harley lets one of the tenants build a shit catapult on the roof. It’s just damn hilarious to see them throw poop across the town.

Harley still kills people for fun but she differs from the Joker in a way that she would never kill just anybody. She needs at least to have a reason.

If you have a dark and immature humour like me just give Harley a chance.


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